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Many people have contributed Alexanders appearance to that of an handsome young man and has a strong title for his good looks though some can consider him to be an delinquent. He is solidly build with a muscular lean body which combined with his broad shoulders, as well as the way he bears himself with great dignity, gives him an intense, commanding air that many find difficult to ignore. This is accompanied by a pleasantly strong earthly scent that clings to his clothes. Alexander has jet black hair which is often spiky and kept short due to him finding long hair to be a bit of a pain to take care of though his casual hairdo is wild and unkempt. His eyes are an intense chocolate brown with a faint circle of gold surrounding the pupils though there are noticeable gold flecks. He also has russet skin.These are other traits he inherited from his late mother. His face, however, is that of his fathers though his features are considered to be more handsome, and warm. He also is considerably tall for an eighteen year old as he stands at 6'1". Many have noted that Alexander has a charming and warm smile. His voice is also strong and confident. His wardrobe isn't entirely focused on a particular type of clothing as he prefer to wear whatever he finds comfortable and practical for everyday use though he does own a couple of suits that look good on him even if he rarely wears them.

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As a Nephalem, Alexander has the blood of a demon and angel which grants him a far more powerful physiology and possesses extraordinary powers far beyond that of any humans, most demons and angels due to his supernatural heritage. During his fight with Mary, he initially struggled against the Umbra Witch but later defeated her after becoming angry.

  • Superhuman Strength:
  • Superhuman Speed and Agility:
  • Superhuman Durability and Endurance:
  • Supernatural Senses:
  • Accelerated Healing Factor:

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  • Demonic and Angelic Energy Channeling: Alexander is able to channel either his reserves of demonic energies into his weapons to increase their destructive force or his reserves of angelic energies to increase their durability
  • Devil Trigger: Due to his half-demon nature, Alexander can release his demonic power through his Devil Trigger which releases his full supernatural potential via turning him into a full demon. This amplifies his physical and magical abilities in addition to granting him new abilities. The appearance of his demon form varies and is influenced by what weapon he uses

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Expert Precision & Marksmanship:  Alexander is able to throw different manners of projectile objects with deadly surgical accuracy but does know how to improvise. His marksmanship is remarkable as he is highly proficient in handling various firearms and doesn't tend to miss.

Expert Combatant:

Indominable Willpower

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