This is an example category. Its purpose is to be an example.

If you choose to organize your fanon by category pages, this is a good way to do it. Just use this page as your title page! What is a title page? See here for more information. Basically, a title page just contains a general overview of the story, plus other information the author or the readers might find interesting, such as:


Call it a summary, an overview, a digest, or just a lead-in, this section is used to tell readers what your fanon is about. It is advisable to state here what kind of story this is: Is it romance? Action? Cross-over? Best to make it highly visible. If there's a demand for it, Anobi could be bothered to create a template for such things.


A link to all of your chapters, in order. Note that there is no set way to name your chapters, aside from the fact that all of your pages must have your username in parenthesis behind them. Though the following are not actual pages, they are excelent examples of how chapter pages can be named.

  1. Example fanon: Mission 1: The Title (Anobi)
  2. Example fanon mission 1: The Title (Anobi)
  3. Example fanon (Anobi)/Mission 1: The Title
  4. The Title: Example fanon mission 1 (Anobi)
  5. Example fanon 1: The Title (Anobi)

These are just examples. Keep organization in mind when naming your chapters. Personally, Anobi is a fan of sub pages--that's option #3--for fanons organized around a title page.


A quick list of characters involved in this story. For example:

Example character (Anobi)

Note that it is up to authors to maintain their own pages. We recommend you use a consistant style, and have only one page per character, even if multiple versions of the same character show up in different fanons of yours. Click the link for more examples of how to write up a character page.

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