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Here's an example character article. It's useful to make character articles for original characters as well as for canon characters with significantly different backstories from the established norm. All such pages MUST include links back to the original fanon, like this.


A written description of the character is useful, even if there is a piece of fanart to go with the page.


If the same character appears in multiple stories, and they are all connected, it is useful to use a section to summarize the events in those appearances. You can even include general information here that does not appear directly in a fanon, but will help readers get a better understanding of your character.

It is possible to collapse text that you don't want to be readily available. Perhaps there's some secret about your character that you don't want people to know unless they've reached a certain point in your story. For that, there's the {{Hide}} template. See Template:Hide for more information.

Example FanonEdit

A subtitle like this is useful for breaking up the summaries. It lets readers know instantly what fanon tells what part of the character's story. Links are also helpful.


This is a good way to create references for your character's article. References can be added to an article by including links inside of <ref> </ref> tags, which are placed just after where a fact appears in the article.

For more on how to use the reflist tag, see {{Reflist}}.