Labolas is an Demon that has formed a pact with Mary ad is one of her most frequent summons after Gomorrah

Appearance Edit

Labolas is a large, lion-like demon with massive, bat-like wings. It has three heads with two of them doubling as its front paws. Each of Labolas' heads possesses a pair of large, thick fangs and multiple red eyes. Skulls appear near the eyes of this demon's primary head with curved horns adorning the top of its head. Labolas also has a long, thin tail.

Powers and Abilities Edit

When summoned, Labolas leaps at and bites its targets; it proceeds to tear them apart using its sharp fangs. In Tag Climax, Labolas primarily attacks by swiping at opponents with its claws or biting them with its main head. The demon may also charge at its foes at high speeds to ensure they are never out of range.

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