Hannibal King
Agrosax .... The embodiment of all despair .... I think Dormammu has recruited a villain none of us can hope to defeat ...

Yet another Temen-ni-Gru like tower emerges ... this one in an uninhabitated carribean island.

Hannibal King : Set me up Doc , I'm ready to go.

Doctor Strange : Someone is on their way there already , someone who has had their fair share of time at the real Temen-ni-Gru .... Arkham .. No Jester

Vergil : Be careful

Temen ni gru emerged


Luce and Ombra
Upon wishing , Hannibal good luck , Vergil notices his "modified" arsenal.

The Alastor , and Luce & Ombre.

Mission BeginEdit

Hell Envy DMC3
Hannibal walks cautiously through the Temen-ni-Gru entrance , his guns aren't cocked and loaded , because he doesn't need any time , he can shoot a lesser demon before they even realize it.

Arkham runs from behind him , Hannibal summersaults out of the way , Shooting Jester several times before he retreats.

A small army of lesser demons replace him.

King shoots them all in the forehead ... with only ombre ... he hasn't even begun taking this seriously , having defeated the primary wave of demons , King encounters a godly version of them.

Hannibal King V Hell's VanguardEdit

Hell Vanguard DMC3

to be continued