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Madama Bathory is a powerful demoness who has made a pact with Mary, allowing the witch to use her power and serving as the main source of the latters power. While her limbs manifest most commonly as the Wicked Weave attacks Mary uses in her battles, she fully appears during some of the Umbran Climax.

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Madama Bathory takes the form of a humanoid woman with pale skin and bat traits. She wears a purple thigh-split dress from the middle that shows her legs and purple high heels with the top of her dress spreading out in a y shape that shows off under and the sides of her breast while the hole at the centerpiece reveals her cleavage. On her arms are long purple cuffs that cover only her middle finger. A headpiece with the ends resembling twisted bat wings adorns the top of her head where it rests evenly. Her eyes are completely red and appear almost jewel-like with matching lips. In a physical form, she rivals Gomorrah in size and towers over all beneath her though she is shorter than the likes of Mundus with four pairs of bat-like wings.

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